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Tragic Incidents Prompt Innovation

A rocket struck a 9-story residential building in Dnipro, Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of 46 people, injuries to 80, and 11 reported missing. We initiated the development of a technical solution aimed at significantly improving people's survival chances in similar tragic incidents.

Prototype Development Begins

The first prototype was drafted. Over the subsequent two weeks, we fabricated the initial sample and tested it by dropping a 3-ton concrete slab from a height of 10 meters. Unfortunately, the prototype did not withstand the test and was destroyed. We then researched international counterparts and proceeded to develop the second prototype.

Earthquake Catastrophe in Turkey and Syria

A series of 7.8 magnitude underground shocks devastated entire districts in Turkey and Syria. It was the most powerful earthquake in the region since 1939, resulting in nearly 60,000 deaths and over 120,000 injuries. This catastrophe compelled us to expedite our efforts.

Second Prototype Development

We completed the second prototype. Within a month, we manufactured and tested it using the same method. Although the results showed improvement, they did not fully meet our envisioned requirements.

Uman Rocket Strike Tragedy

A rocket struck a multi-storied building in Uman, Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of 24 people, including six children aged between one and a half years and 17 years old.

Successful Prototype Testing

Comprehensive tests were conducted, during which our capsule withstood the impact of a 10-ton (22K lbs) concrete block dropped from a height of 10 meters (33ft). This success indicated progress in our development, leading us to establish the RESQ PODS brand. .

Iterative Development and Testing

Recognizing the paramount importance of saving lives, we spent six months meticulously refining and testing RESQ PODS to create the most effective product possible, focusing on every detail. Extensive testing covered various scenarios: protection from shrapnel, fire resistance, high durability against dynamic loads encountered during building collapses, ventilation with filtration systems for smoke-filled environments, integrated protective features in each capsule, monitoring, and emergency communication capabilities, as well as provisions for water and food. These elements enable individuals in distress to await rescue for extended periods. For example, after the earthquake in Turkey, rescuers extracted a living man from the rubble 12 days after the disaster.

Global Need for Survival Solutions

We understand that disasters occur worldwide on a daily basis, resulting in loss of life. These include the war in Ukraine with daily shelling of civilian areas, terrorist acts, school shootings, and earthquakes worldwide. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and forest fires have become frequent occurrences. Quick responses and the development of rescue solutions are imperative in the face of these tragic events. As of today, RESQ PODS have been fully developed and tested, and we are in the process of obtaining certifications.